9 million motorists in the UK are using phones while driving, a recent study found


A big number also checked texts, emails of social media when driving. Some admitted to taking photos or filming videos via a handheld phone. Processing percents according to the study formula the result is a big problem: nine million motorists refuse to put down their phones while driving. “It is clear we have a hard core of persistent offenders who believe they can get away with it by continuing to flout the law every day and we fear this may get worse with fewer dedicated roads policing officers,” RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said.


Suzette Davenport, Former Chief Constable, Gloucestershire Police, and National Lead for Roads Policing in England and Wales, added: “Motorists are still using their phones while stopped in traffic or at lights, even though this is also illegal.” However, good news, women are less likely than men to answer incoming calls on a handheld phone while driving. For all people driving cars, not only from the UK, a last word even here and now: don’t forget, a call may lead to crash and death. It is worth really ?


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