A couple from the UK had a smart idea planning their wedding ceremony


The event will take place during a three-night stay at the Knockerdown Cottages hotel in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, near Manchester and the couple say it’s like a weekend vacation for their guests. “We are not charging our guests to come and pay for our wedding — we are telling them to pay for their accommodation. We’ve told guests it costs this much if you want to come,” Farina explained. The grooms to be are still having to pay for the registrar, the suits, the food, the dresses.


Inside the wedding room at the Knockerdown Cottages hotel in Ashbourne

The pair have invited 60 guests to attend and is confident that all will be OK. “As we are a DIY Wedding Venue, absolutely all of our weddings have been so unique in theme and style so it is impossible to compare! All our wedding couples bring their creative flair to dress the site in their own individual way, every week we walk into the Wedding Room and it looks like a completely different room to the week before.,” is the Knockerdown Cottages hotel’s presentation on their website. They also make a nice promise: “Your venue in 5 adjectives:. Stuning. Unique. Elegant. Similar to “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” Fairytale.”


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