Three members of an Italian family killed in accident at an dormant volcano


Only another child, sever year old, survived. He was crying and asking for help. The family, living near Venice, was visiting and the 11-year-old boy wandered into an area that is off-limits to visitors. The Solfatara, a dormant volcano, emits sulfurous fumes and the area around it is known for a type of quicksand, which makes the ground unstable.

Scene of the accident at Solfatara Crater

Such accident not happened in decades in the area. Firefighters recovered the bodies of the family. Authorities said it wasn’t immediately clear if the family was overcome by gases or molten lava in the area. The crater is located in the Phlegraen Fields, a sprawling constellation of ancient volcanic craters frequented by Italian school children and tourists from around the world. Solfatara di Pozzuoli is one of 40 volcanoes in the Campi Flegrei area west of Naples. It last erupted in 1198. The volcano is managed by a private company and open all year round to visitors, who can go on a guided tour or explore it by themselves.


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