British PM Boris Johnson is facing a public scandal in his country


A developing scandal in the UK has in the middle the PM Boris Johnson. He faced a wave of public and political outrage on Tuesday over allegations that he and his staff flouted coronavirus lockdown rules by holding a garden party in 2020, May 20. It was on the time when Britons were barred by law from meeting up with more than one person outside their households, the most severe restrictions on Britons’ individual freedoms since World War II. During Britain’s first lockdown, which began in March 2020 and lasted for more than two months, gatherings were banned with a few exceptions, including work and funerals. On the day of the garden party in May 2020, 268 people with the coronavirus died in Britain. A police investigation was requested by opposition and was started. Johnson has insisted he personally broke no rules.


British media reported Tuesday that the prime minister and his wife, Carrie Johnson, attended the May 2020 garden gathering. A leak of an email inviting more than 100 Downing Street staff to a “bring your own booze” party spawned tens of thousands of comments. Some shared pictures of empty public spaces, such as parks where police had broken up gatherings of more than two people. Britain is not scheduled to hold a national election until 2024 but Johnson faces new calls to resign. “Nobody needs an official to tell them if they were at a boozy shindig in their own garden,” former Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson leader said on Twitter.