Security guards protect Finnish Prime Minister from knife-wielding man


He did not get to attack the Prime Minister as the man was immediately stopped by security guards.

The incident happened in the city of Turku. Police declared the man did not attempt to attack the Prime Minister but then again the man did not have enough time to stab him as he was stopped before he reached Katainen.

Turku police described the man as being in his thirties. He suddenly wielded a knife as he left the crowd where he blended in. He did not threat anyone or behave aggressively while he was approaching the Prime Minister. More details on the suspect were not offered. The man is now being held in custody.

People that witnessed the whole thing say it is possible that the so called attacker is just a desperate man that wanted to grab the Prime Minister’s attention. Robert Seger, a photographer for a Finnish newspaper that witnessed the incident, relates that the man with the knife approached Katainen and dropped to his knees in front of him. The same man earlier introduced himself to the Prime Minister and explained he was in a lot of trouble.


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