Rescue operation needed Tuesday at the Jurassic Skyline tower in Weymouth


Efforts by engineers to free the stuck gondola had failed. It took a full-blown rescue operation involving the Coastguard helicopter, fire and rescue service and police which endured until around 9.55pm. All passengers were returned safely to the ground “Working with colleagues from Dorset Police, the local authority, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the attraction’s operators, the Service explored a number of rescue options, but most were discounted on the grounds of safety due to the inclement weather,” a spokesman for the fire service said.

Rescue helicopter at the Tower

At its highest point, the tower reaches 165ft, where rotates a full 360° to provide stunning views of the Jurassic Coast.  Jurassic Skyline’s Twitter account said after incident: “We apologize to all those involved. A full investigation into the cause of the stoppage is underway. Jurassic Skyline will be closed tomorrow.” The tower’s operator said it came to a halt “due to a mechanical fault.” “Jurassic Skyline is ideal for families and people of all ages” – the attraction is described on the website. Last month nearly 30 people were stranded at the top of the tower for 90 minutes due to a power cut.


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