2000 year old catacomb found by a cat


The 2000 year old catacomb was discovered by Mirko Curti while he was chasing his cat near his apartment.

Curti was not alone. He and a friend were chasing the cat at around 10pm. The cat went into a grotto near a low tufa rock cliff. They went after the cat and followed it in total darkness guiding only after the cat’s meowing.  The cat leaded him to this hidden catacomb. The two were surrounded by human bones that were scattered on the floor and by niches dug in rock.

The tomb is most likely dated from 1st century BC and archeologists were called to further investigate it. The catacomb was hidden by a concealed entrance. Scientists believe that the heavy rains at the start of the week are the reason why the tomb entrance crumbled.

Mirko Curti was so amazed to find a tomb so close to his apartment that he considers this to be “the most incredible experience” of his entire life.


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