A chemical haze spread from the water affecting people from Eastbourne to Birling Gap in England


A sort of foggy haze was rolling off the sea out of nowhere. Life boats were dispatched to help clear people from beaches, and Eastbourne District General Hospital said it had treated more than 130 people. Emergency services warned people along the East Sussex coast to keep doors and windows closed after people were affected along the shoreline from Eastbourne to Birling Gap, near Beachy Head. The cause of the haze has not been determined but was supposed to be an industrial pollution.

Haze at the beach

Visitors feared they had been struck by a chlorine leak because a strong smell was in the air. In a statement, police warned “hundreds more” people across the region could have been affected. Public Health England was urging anyone who  suffered the effects of irritation to irrigate their eyes and wash any other agitated areas with plenty of soap and water. Conditions are being monitored at Birling Gap, a popular tourist hotspot. The beachfront is popular with dog walkers and is a busy spot for tourists and locals enjoying the bank holiday sunshine. East Sussex Fire and Rescure Service said the “chemical incident” was ongoing.


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