An old aircraft bomb exploded in Munich on Wednesday at a railway construction site


An old aircraft bomb weighing 250 kilograms exploded near the Donnersbergerbruecke train station in Munich, Germany, on Wednesday, during drilling as part of construction work project to build another line through the city center. The site is located on the approach to Munich’s central station. The boom was heard several miles away. Debris was fired hundreds of yards away. At least three people were injured, one of them seriously. The Munich Fire Department tweeted at around 12:55 p.m. local time that it was assisting “a large number of people” on the site. Fire engines and around 50 emergency service members were at the scene while a police helicopter circled above the station. According to the police, there was a loud bang near the Donnersberger Bridge, followed by a column of smoke.


“At this time there is no evidence of criminal offenses. According to initial findings, we have three injured people, the danger area is largely cordoned off and train traffic is blocked on the main route,” said Munich police press officer Peter Werthmann. They also said “there is no danger outside the immediate area.” However, trains to and from that station, one of Germany’s busiest, were suspended. Unexploded bombs are still found frequently in Germany, more than 2,000 tonnes of live bombs and munitions each year, even 76 years after the end of the war. At that time, British and American warplanes dispersed 1.5 million tonnes of bombs that killed 600,000 people. Officials estimate that 15 per cent of the bombs failed to explode.