As Europe is facing a surge in Covid-19 cases new measures begin to apply


Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has announced Western Europe’s first partial Covid lockdown of the cold season. It’s about three weeks of restrictions for shops, sport and catering. Professional and amateur sport will continue, including the Netherlands’ football World Cup qualifier against Norway, but behind closed doors. Closure at 18:00 applies to casinos and saunas as well as hairdressers and sex workers. Cinemas and theatres will stay open with social distance. Social distancing The country takes seriously the measures to limit the private life. A maximum of four guests aged over 13 will be allowed at people’s homes. Protesters took to the streets in The Hague after Mr Rutte’s announcement. Police have fired water cannon against hundreds of protesters in The Hague. The vast majority of people in the Netherlands had been already vaccinated. On Friday, the country had 16,287 new Covid cases.


Other countries in Europe prepare for restrictions. Vaccination rates are big in Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, UK , Slovenia and Austria and low in Romania, Russia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Russia, UK, Italy and France have the greatest numbers of dead persons. Upper Austria governor Thomas Stelzer says people who have not been vaccinated will be able to leave home only for essential reasons such as going to work, buying food or to exercise.