New mother was killed by a lift malfunctioning at Seville hospital in Spain


Her body was cut in half by a hospital lift. The woman has died.”We heard a loud blow in the elevator,” her husband told to media. Rocio had become trapped in the lift, with her head stuck between its frame and roof. The tragedy was suspected to have been caused by a mechanical failure with the automatic lift door. Regional health minister Marina Alvarez said Rocio became trapped after the lift made an ‘unusual movement’ as the worker went to remove her on a stretcher.

Valme hospital in Seville

She called the accident “quick, unusual and tragic”. Firefighters took nearly two hours to free Rocio’s mauled body following the incident. “This time it has been Rocio but tomorrow it could be another person,” said her husband, Jose Gaspar, who had been married to the mum for four years. Rocio’s dad said:  “They have killed my beautiful daughter, the joy of my life, and they’ve left three young girls without their mum.” Witnesses described the lift incident as “something out of a horror film.” The family made a formal complaint to a court which will investigate the tragedy. The lift had last been last checked on August 12.


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