Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz resigned involved in corruption scandal


Austrian , 35, resigns amid corruption scandal. He was stepping down from his office Saturday evening. Kurz held the position since 2017. He , nine others and three organisations are under investigation over allegations that his People’s Party used finance ministry funds to manipulate polls between 2016 and 2018. The accusations are of breach of trust, corruption and bribery. He said the corruption allegations against him were “wrong” and denied that he had used government money for political purposes. Earlier in the day, prosecutors carried out raids at the chancellery, the finance ministry and homes and offices of senior aides to the chancellor. “What we need now are stable conditions,” he told reporters in Vienna.


“My country is more important to me than my person,” he said. Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg was proposed and could become the new chancellor. Schallenberg has a background in diplomacy. Kurz plans to stay on as the leader of his party and its top lawmaker in parliament. As leader of his party, he will be present at cabinet meetings. Some members of Mr Kurz’s party are hoping his resignation will be temporary. The Greens’ leader, Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler, welcomed Kurz’s decision as “a right and important step.” Opposition leaders had called for Kurz to go and planned to bring a no-confidence motion against him Tuesday in parliament.