A British young woman needs help after an horrific accident


A GoFundMe page was open to help raise the money needed to cover costs of hospitalisation and surgery for a young British woman, Jennifer Walsh, 22, from Edinburgh, who had not travel insurance being in holiday in Croatia, were she had an horrible accident in the last weekend. In fact, she had fallen from a hotel balcony. The impact left her with a bleed on the brain, 2 skull fractures, a broken collarbone, a punctured lung, all ribs on her left side broken and a fractured wrist. She instantly fell into a coma. At the hospital she received brain surgery. Now she is in a stable condition but still in an induced coma during recovery.


1,186 people have made a donation until now, with some top donors of £1,000. More than £25,000 has been raised as of this morning. “Our Jen is the strongest girl who we all love so much and will get through this,” her sister Sara declared. Jennifer had said before the accident she was having “the time of her life” and “Croatia had her heart” on the Dubrovnik break. What happened to Jennifer is not a common event for all days and no other details were revealed at this time. However, it’s a motivation for all people to think about the big incertitude of every instant of the life. On the other part, such tragic events can and should motivate people to help. If you can help too, go here,do it ! We whish rapide recovery and good health to Jennifer !