A former French police officer was identified after 35 years as a serial killer


A former French police officer ,59-year-old man, who lived in the south of France, has been identified as being behind a series of murders, rapes and false imprisonment, after a 35-year hunt. Officials had been looking for the perpetrator of five crimes committed between 1986 and 1994, including the “rape of 15-year-old minors, murders, attempted homicide, armed robberies, wrongful use of title and kidnapping and false imprisonment of a 15-year-old.” The evidence collected suggested the person responsible could have been an officer in the police division of the military at the time of the crimes, and investigators were able to isolate the perpetrator’s DNA profile. DNA tests established a link to his profile. The man took his own life earlier this week after he was told that he would be examined as part of the investigation. It was retired at the time of his death.


The suspect was nicknamed “Le Grêlé,” or “The Pockmarked Man” in local media. He was identified as François Vérove. His DNA was tested upon his death. Reports said the man left behind a letter in which he identified himself as Le Grêlé. In his letter, the man reportedly wrote that he had not been in a good state at the time of the crimes but that he had since “got himself together.” François Vérove had worked as a police officer and a gendarme in Paris. François Vérove had worked as a police officer and a gendarme in Paris. He used his police card, handcuffs and professional restraint techniques to stop the victims. His victims included an 11-year-old girl.