Extreme weather in northern Italy, many killed by storms


The storms across northern Italy follow a week in which whole areas of the south were placed on red alert, the highest warning for extreme weather conditions.  Four people have died in freak accidents in northern Italy, as violent storms hit the region following a prolonged heatwave. A tree fell on a man’s tent at a summer camp in the Tramontina Valley. Another tree fell at festival at Marziai, killing another man. A hiker was fatally struck by lightning and a woman fell to her death after slipping from a flooded trail.

Destruction in Italy

Urban centers such as Milan and Bergamo experienced thunderstorms all weekend while two towns, Enego and Vittorio Veneto, have already declared a state of emergency.Two councils declared a state of emergency while others reported extreme floods, hailstorms and damage to infrastructure over the weekend across northern Italy. A 13-year-old boy of Moroccan nationality has been declared missing in the municipality of Lodi, near Milan. In Catania, families in some parts were evacuated as a precaution last week.  Hailstorms destroyed camping grounds, garages and homes in the northeast. The torrential weather conditions have also affected the annual prosecco harvest, with entire vineyards destroyed.


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