A loud explosion and fire occurred Friday evening at a believed industrial unit in Dewsbury, the U.K.


A loud explosion which could be heard for miles and huge ‘bang’ has sparked panic in Dewsbury, in the Kirklees town, West Yorkshire ,on Friday evening, near the town center. A local told that the explosion sounded like a “fighter jet.” A building believed an industrial unit burst into flames and several mini explosions occurred after. Smoke is billowing over the town. Reports said the fire started in a scrapyard. A huge emergency services response was at the scene. „Witnesses have reported hearing explosions – it is believed this is gas cylinders exploding,” a police statement said.


Mill Street East and Warren Street were closed. There are currently no reports of any injuries. Firefighters pumped water from nearby River Calder. No one was able to explain what happens. Chickenley and Earlsheaton residents were asked to keep doors and windows closed. People have been asked to avoid traveling through the area. Police said they were working with the council and Environment Agency as part of a multi-agency response. The town has a large Muslim community.

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