An Austrian man kept the body of deceased mother in the house for one year


An Austrian man, 66 old, in the western Tyrol region, near Innsbruck, kept the body of his death mother in the basement cellar of the house for about one year while continuing to receive her pension payments and care allowance. The woman, who died 89 old, had dementia and have died of natural causes in June last year. Her son used ice packs and bandages to mask the smell and also covered her body with cat litter. She finally mummified. Police estimated the man illegally received about €50,000. The suspect had told his brother that their mother was receiving care at a hospital, and that it was not worth visiting as her condition meant it was unlikely she would recognise him.


The was discovered after a new postman delivering the woman’s benefits was refused a request to see her. The man had no other income. He said he feared to be unable to afford to pay for his mother’s funeral or to keep the house they had shared. The man’s identity was not revealed by police. An autopsy ruled out that he had killed his mother. The suspect was arrested and is accused of benefit and hiding a corpse. He will be charged and convicted by Austrian law.