One hundred persons were rescued Sunday after being trapped in gondola over Rhine in Cologne


A cable car collided with a support pillar. Twenty children were among those stranded. Public transportation authorities said 32 cable cars were in operation at the time of the accident. The line was immobilized for hours, and passengers were stuck in their cable cars.


Rescue operation at gondola in Cologne

Rescue workers had to abseil passengers onto a fire department boat on the river. One of the cars was accessed for help using a big crane. There were no injuries. The last person was rescued some five hours after the collision on the line. Emergency services from Aachen and Dusseldorf assisted fire crews with the rescue. It was a strange thing even for Cologne fire department but local rescue teams had prepared for an incident on the gondola just a week ago. Cologne’s mayor, Henriette Reker, praised the passengers for their patience. She also appreciated the rescue work: “I would like to thank the Cologne fire brigade for their great dedication. This meant that the passengers could be rescued quickly. My thoughts were with the children and adults, who had to wait courageously and patiently for many hours.“ Cable vehicle manager Thomas Miebach apologized to riders and said an investigation was underway.


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