A 20-story apartment building in Milan, Italy, was destroyed by fire


A 20-story apartment building in Milan, Italy, known as Torre Moro, located in the south of the city, was destroyed by fire, on Sunday. Some cases of smoke inhalation were reported, but no serious injuries or deaths. The fire that sent up a huge plume of black smoke visible for kilometers. The blaze triggered a massive emergency services response, with multiple fire engines, ambulances and crews rushing to the scene.“I have never seen a situation like this,” said firefighting official Giuliano Santagata. The inferno sent burning pieces of the facade raining into the street and onto adjacent buildings. The blaze, however, has seemingly not spread into the building’s internals. ”Just look at the facade and you see that everything is completely burned, and therefore presume that it was made of flammable material.” “We have been told that the panels that covered the building were fireproof, instead they burned as quickly as if they were butter,” a local resident told.


Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala said it was “unacceptable” that a building just over a decade old showed itself to be so vulnerable. Firefighters had a speedy response. They conducted a door to door search. Residents included Italian rapper Mahmood, the 2019 winner of the San Remo music festival. “The cause of the fires still needs to be determined, but it seems that the rapid spread of the flames was due to the thermal covering of the building,” said Carlo Sibia, an Interior Ministry official in Rome. The large fire thought to have started on the 15th floor of the concrete structure. Nearby establishments, a Penny supermarket, a shoe shop and a McDonald’s coffee shop, have so far not been affected. Prosecutors were on the scene Monday.