A passenger public bus exploded in Voronezh, Russia, killing two, injuring several


Two people were killed after a passenger public bus exploded in the Russian central Voronezh, a city of 1 million about 450 kilometers (280 miles) south of Moscow, overnight Thursday. The explosion went off when the bus carrying 35 passengers was at a stop near a shopping center. The blast tore the roof off the vehicle and blew out its windows. 19 victims are being treated for their injures and at least four of them are in serious condition. A representative of the bus line said that all the company’s buses run on diesel fuel and were not carrying gas canisters. He insisted the bus was in good technical condition. The cause of the explosion, which took place near a bus stop when about 30 people were on board the bus, was still unclear.


No signs of explosives had been detected at the scene. Deputy regional governor, Sergei Sokolov, quickly ruled out a terror attack.The Investigative Committee has said a criminal investigation into the incident had been opened into possible safety violations. Specialists of the FSB security service were studying materials from the site. Road accidents are frequent in Russia due to the poor state of road infrastructure and a relaxed attitude towards rules of the road.