Traffic disturbed in London, Monday, after the Tower Bridge was stuck in the upright position


A “technical issue” occurred on Monday at the iconic London’s . It was due to open at 13:45 and 14:15 on Monday for the “sailing vessel Tenacious”, according to the bridge’s timetable but is currently stuck in the upright position.The bridge, managed by City of London Corporation.,connects central and southern parts of the capital. Cars and pedestrians stranded on either side of the London landmark. City of London Police urged the public to avoid the area. Images from the scene on Monday afternoon showed long lines of traffic built up on both sides of the bridge. A spokesperson for the City of London Corporation said investigations into the failure were taking place but the source of the fault was currently unknown.


The bridge opens around 800 times a year, which averages to around twice a day. The bridge was built by the Victorians more than 100 years ago and is considered one of the world’s most famous bridges. It opened in 1894 after eight years of construction. Since 1976, the bridge’s two arms, or bascules, have been operated by engines powered by oil and electricity, replacing the original steam-powered one.s was previously closed to the public last August after a mechanical fault meant it was stuck open for more than an hour. In 2005, police closed the bridge for 10 hours after a technical problem meant the arms could not be lowered.