A strong 6.7 earthquake hit Turkish and Greek tourist destinations, at least two people were killed


At least 13 aftershocks (12 in Turkey and one in Greece) with 5 of them over 4.0 magnitude were registered and are yet possible. People abandoned their homes are and waiting on the streets. Mugla Governor Esengul Civelek told at a news conference that authorities would provide supplies and assistance to citizens on the streets. The Mayor Osman Gurun said power outages affected certain parts of the province and telephone operators experienced shortages due to overloads. The buildings affected were mostly old and were built before the earthquake building codes were introduced.


The European quake agency EMSC said a small tsunami could be caused by the quake. A boat was pushed onto the main road and several cars slammed into each other because of the rising seawaters. Kos appeared to be the worst-hit area and was nearest to the epicenter of the quake . Rescuers are checking for trapped people inside houses.Turkey is prone to earthquakes because it is located between the Arabian plate and Eurasian plate.


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