Three killed and dozens injured when two passenger trains collided in the Czech Republic


Czech Transport Minister Karel Havlicek said human error likely caused the collision of two passenger trains in the southwest of the Czech Republic, in the town of Milavce, on Wednesday. He appreciated the situation as „serious.”A local passenger train and an international high-speed train that was heading from Munich to the western Czech city of Plzen and the Czech capital of Prague were involved in the collision. The fast train struck a local train traveling from Plzen to Domazlice. The driver of the high-speed train had failed to stop at a designated location. Both trains remained upright on or close to the tracks. At least three people were killed and dozens injured. The victims included the drivers of both engines and a female passenger.


The regional rescue service said a total of 52 people needed treatment. Eight passengers were seriously injured and several were taken by helicopter to hospital. The German speakers were taken to hospitals in .The engine of the high speed train was badly damaged. The train is operated by ’s Laenderbahn company and the Czech Railways. Authorities suspended rail service between Domazlice and Blizejov. When analysing the relation between passenger transport performance and rail safety using the number of passengers killed per passenger-kilometer, in an European statistic two countries record ratios of ten times higher than the EU-28 average (0.06 passengers killed per billion passenger-kilometers). These Member States are Bulgaria (1.29) and Czech Republic (0.74).