Residential building collapsed Friday in Torre Annunziata, near Naples, in Italy


Some 30 rescue workers were removing rubble by handThe Circumvesuviana train line which passes near the building, traveling between Naples and Pompeii, was suspended on Friday morning to allow search and rescue operation. Teams of sniffer dogs were assisting thirty firefighters in the search, together with volunteers and relatives of the families. The cause of the collapse is still unknown.

Search for people trapped after buliding collapse

  Witnesses said that there was no explosion before the collapse sometime after 6 a.m., but that a train had just passed by on adjacent train tracks. The Italian railway said in a statement that the vibrations from passing trains have no impact on the stability of adjacent buildings. News reports indicated that reconstruction work was being carried out on the building before the collapse. it wasn’t immediately clear if there was a connection between the work and the collapse. Torre Annunziata Mayor Vincenzo Ascione said Friday that seven people were missing, including two children. Torre Annunziata has seen several building collapses in recent years. In August 2014, two people were injured after an apartment building collapsed.


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