Horrible bus accident with many victims in Germany


It burst into flames after accident. The bus rear-ended the trailer-truck at the end of a traffic jam on the A9 highway not far from the Czech border. Thirty people were injured, some seriously. 18 still considered missing “are believed to have died on the burning bus,” police said. “We’re afraid that people may have died in the accident,” police spokeswoman Irene Brandenstein said. Bodies from the charred vehicle must be identified by specialists. Family members could call a special number for further information on the accident: 0800/7766350.

The bus wreckage after accident

The A9 is the main thoroughfare from Berlin to Munich. It is also leading to many popular summer holiday spots. The highway was closed on both sides for hours. Helicopters, firefighters and ambulances were on the scene. “The heat’s development must have been intense because there is nothing flammable left on the bus. Only steel parts are recognizable,” Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said at the scene of the accident. Chancellor Angela Merkel described the crash as “terrible.”


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