Ten thousand people gathered for music in Albania


The open-air Unum electronic music festival attracted ten thousand people in Albania for the June 3-7 artistic event featuring 50 international and local musicians. They jumped at the chance to hear nonstop music for five days at Thrown Sand beach, 75 kilometers (45 miles) northwest of the capital, Tirana. „Unum Festival is characterized by five simple elements of life; music, sand, pines, the sea and the mountains,” the organizers wrote on the official webpage.The motto of the festival was for people to become “One” and unite over music. The festival connected people across borders. Organizers claimed that everyone at the festival was free of COVID-19 but offered no proof for those claims and no virus checks were apparent.


The festival really shined a spotlight on Rana e Hedhun, the last untapped corner of Europe in the town of Shengjin, on the idyllic Albanian coastline. Fans came from all across Europe, even as far away as Uruguay. After last year the festival was cancelled due to the pandemic, this year organizers found it difficult to get musicians from around the Europe due to virus restrictions. The event was possible because of Albania’s low contagion rate. It recorded only two new infections on Saturday. The country has many beaches on its 480-kilometer (300-mile) coastline along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, and during the last few years tourism has turned into a key industry. Many tourists come from Kosovo, but also are Polish ,Czechs, Serbs and Belarussians groups.