Five dead, including three children, electrocuted in the water in Akyazi, Turkey


After, the park manager Mehmet Kaya, 58, and his son Kadir Kaya, 30,  jumped in to try to save them. Rescuers and park personnel flushed the pool’s water away as others turned off electricity in the facility. All five victims were rushed to hospital but could not be saved. The five are believed to be all Turkish.  Another two people were reportedly injured after touching metal barriers around the edge of the pool.

      The park water in Akyazi after accident

Gendarmerie officers were conducting an investigation. They already found that the park lacked a residual current breaker that shuts down power to prevent electrical shocks. An Earth Leakage Relay’s (a device  that cuts the electricity in case of an electrical leakage problem) cost is only £10. The children victims were not publicly identified. Water park are particularly susceptible for this sort of electric accidents. Their installations must be protected but in this case the owner of the park paid the condemnable negligence with his own life. Akyazı is a town in the Marmara region of Turkey known as a  vacancy destination with 3 to 5 stars hotels.


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