Terrorist fatally shot at Brussels Central Station Tuesday


The man who was shot was well-built and tanned with short hair, wearing a white shirt and jeans. He also had a rucksack and a bomb belt. No civilians were injured in the attack but panic occurred. Authorities decided the threat level remains at 3. The Belgian government’s crisis centre said bomb disposal experts had been sent to the scene.

Military patrol in Brussels after incident

The station was evacuated and closed. Military patrols were installed inside. Similar measures were applied in other train stations in Brussels. Metro lines running through the station were also briefly suspended on orders of the police. Businesses and restaurants were ordered to close. Eric Van Der Sypy, the spokesperson for the Federal Police confirmed in a press conference that the explosion at Brussels Central is considered a terrorist attack. The suspect was not yet identified. The National Security Council will meet Wednesday morning to address the situation. Brussels Central station is at the heart of the capital. The incident comes more than a year after suicide bombers in Brussels detonated several explosions in the Brussels Airport and a nearby Metro station killing 31 people and injuring more than 100.


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