Nobel Prize for Peace Awarded to European Union


According to the committee members, European Union tried its level best in bringing peace into the continent that was facing many problems after World War II. Millions of people died in World War II and European Union helped the affected nations in the best possible manner. Thorbjoern Jagland, Nobel Committee Chairman, said in an interview that EU has successfully transformed a continent of wars into a continent of peace.

Jangland further added that European Union is facing economic difficulties and problems of social unrest. In spite, the Norwegian Committee awarded EU with for its utmost efforts and struggle in bringing and maintaining peace and unity among the European Union nations. The award also reflects EU’s emphasis on democracy and human rights. Jagland and the Nobel committee praised EU for their efforts to save a devastating nation. It has successfully rebuild Europe from devastation of World War II to a successful and prosperous continent. In addition, it played an important role in stabilizing Europe after the Berlin wall incident in 1989.

Leaders in Europe welcomed the award given by Nobel Committee but in some areas especially on the streets of Greek Capital, the nation was acknowledged with disbelief. The prize will be presented on December 10 in Oslo. Approximately $1.2 million cash will also be awarded. However, it is not clear yet who will receive the award or the cheque and how that amount would be spent.

One of the main pillars behind the formation of European Union was political parties of and they were delighted to know about the . It was a “wonderful decision”, remarked one of the most powerful leaders of Europe, German chancellor Angela Merkel. Francois Hollande, French president fund it an immense honor to be chosen for this award. A Chancellor from reunified Germany, Helmut Kohl, said that the recognition of this award for European Union is a proof and confirmation that EU is successful in its European Peace Project. did not pass any remarks on the recognition of Nobel award because they were less committed to the EU. Many other authorities gave negative and sarcastic comments, as they were not happy with this decision.


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