A man with a knife was detained in central London outside the Westminster Palace


The suspect was aged in his 30s. “The guy was on the ground on his front on the pavement alongside Parliament Square,” a witness said. “The man was restrained and bundled into a police van. For the instant this was not declared a terrorist act but  given the location and the circumstances the MPS Counter Terrorism Command will be investigating this incident, the police announced.

  The suspect was arrested

The suspect  remained in custody at a central London police station. He was not yet identified. No one was injured in the incident. The area were this occurred is one of the busiest locations in central London which is typically crammed with tourists. The gates to parliament were temporarily closed. “It is too early to understand the motivation”, the Scotland Yard said. At that time, the PM Theresa May arrived at a hospital which took 25 injured victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.


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