A red list of 39 countries banned to travel to the U.K.


The British government increased to 39 the „red list” of banned countries to travel in the U.K. Tle new list which takes effect beginning April 9 includes four more countries: Bangladesh, Kenya, Pakistan and the Philippines. No European nations are on the British red list and especially not France. Putting France on the red list could have serious implications for trade flows in and out of the U.K The measures are aimed at reducing the risk posed by new virus variants into the U.K., which has recorded Europe’s highest COVID-related death toll, with over 126,500 deaths. Under the travel bans, international visitors who have departed from or traveled through red-list countries in the preceding 10 days are refused entry into England. The U.K. transport department said the majority of cases of the South African variant detected in England were linked to international travel.


The U.K. has now given a first vaccine shot to over 31 million people, or around 46% of its population. The U.K. on Friday recorded 3,402 new infections, its lowest level since mid-September. They had a daily rate of around 70,000 earlier this year.The Easter is supposed to produce new infections. New legislation that came into law means overseas holidays are now illegal, with Brits facing a £5,000 fine if they attempt to travel abroad without a “reasonable excuse”.