General elections in the UK


Around 30 million voters are expected to show their option Thursday. It is estimated that by the time the polls close about one in five of the electorate will have cast a postal vote. It was the first UK General Election where campaigning has been halted by terrorist attacks. National security  became a particularly prominent election issue.To win an overall Commons majority, a party needs to win 326 seats. A total of 3,306 candidates are standing in the 2017 General Election – fewer than any election since 1992. The most significant reduction this year is the number of UKIP and Green Party candidates.

The exit poll was announced to be at 10pm.Some declarations are expected during the next hour. The early official results are expected from 12am the next day. The result of the vote will be important for how the Brexit will continue and the call to vote itself was also motivated by the Brexit. In fact, people will decide how the UK will continue.


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