Britons citizens have restrictions to travel outside the country


Holidays abroad will be officially illegal for Britons from Monday. They risk a £5,000 fine for breaking the new law. Under new Covid laws, which were published by ministers today, people across the country will be officially banned from leaving the country without a reasonable motivation. In fact, holidays are banned. The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Steps) (England) Regulations 2021 laws come into force on March 29. Boris Johnson said today that the third wave hitting the continent would eventually hit the UK’s shores too. However there are plans to allow foreign holidays again from May 17. The EU is facing a deadly third Covid wave.


Reasonable reasons to travel outside the UK which are approved are: where it’s necessary for work; for study outside the UK; to visit someone in a hospice or care home – but only close friends and family; to visit someone who is dying – close friends and family only; for getting married outside the UK; for people who don’t live in the UK permanently and are going home; to seek medical assistance; to fulfil a legal obligation; elite sportspeople- for training or competitions; for the purpose of moving house or viewing a house to buy or rent; to be at the birth of a child at the mum’s request; For childcare purposes. The laws expire on June 30.