Terrorism linked attack Tuesday in Paris outside the Notre Dame Cathedral

The French U.S. embassy alerted American citizens to avoid the area after a terror linked incident occurred Tuesday in Paris. A man with a hammer cried "This is for Syria" and hit an officer in the head outside Notre Dame Cathedral. The officer suffered minor injuries. The attacker, who  had been threatening several policemen and passersby  also detained some kitchen knives and improvised weapons.

The officers fired the suspect twice. Both the officer and the suspect were hospitalized. The attacker was unnamed. Tourists and worshippers were rushed away from the scene. A huge police response was deployed. The area around the cathedral was cordoned off.  For a limited time, by security measures, hundreds people were trapped in the Notre Dame Cathedral. Police asked everyone to raise their hands in the church for verification. The priests in the Cathedral are now praying for social order and peace.  Police cars filled the center of the France capital. There was panic in the city until police declared the situation "under control". A terror investigation was launched. Paris has been already under high security after many Islamic extremist attacks in recent years. Soldiers with automatic weapons at the ready are a daily regular presence in the streets. Notre-Dame is one of the most visited tourist sites in Paris.