The hope to reduce restrictions due to Covid in England is increasing


Prime Minister Boris Johnson was expected to take England out of lockdown. The country has been in full national lockdown since January 4 after new variants of coronavirus were found inside parts of England that expedited the spread of the virus and was thought to be more dangerous. as of March 8, schools will finally reopen across England, as well as some very limited return of outdoor social interaction, including sitting on a park bench and having a coffee, which is currently not allowed. As of March 29, as schools go on their Easter holiday, further restrictions on social interactions will be lifted, allowing groups of six to meet outdoors and entire households to socialise. Downing Street emphasized that these are planned measures and should the Covid-19 situation worsen in England, they could be pushed back and the country kept in lockdown.


Vaccination was helping. Data examined by the scientists from the University of Edinburgh, the University of Strathclyde and Public health Scotland proved that four weeks after having the shot, the risk of being admitted to hospitals had been reduced by up to 85% and 94% respectively. The speed at which the country will exit lockdown will be set against four key tests: how the vaccine rollout is going; how vaccines are affecting hospitalizations and deaths; infection rates staying low; new variants not undermining the other three tests.