The project «Tails and Paws» in Moscow


The Moscow Metro launched a train dedicated to the project «Tails and Paws» aimed at finding hosts for homeless pets. it has posters on board featuring dozens of animals from 13 Moscow shelters asking passengers to give them a new home. In the cars, passengers see portraits of 72 dogs and cats looking for a family.Using the QR code, everyone can see a pets profile, read about habits, character and behavior. In only one week, a third of the animals in the cars have managed to find a home. Passengers took 22 pets from the train, 10 dogs and 12 cats. After one month, the numer of lucky animals increased to 100. When the animal finds owners, the caption “I’m already home” appears below the photo.


According to the project, the animal photo train will run on one of the subway lines for the next six months. On the other part, Moscow authorities are rounding up stray animals and exterminating rats as a precaution against the new coronavirus. A Moscow-based virologist, Nikolai Nikitin, says there was no evidence stray dogs and cats could contract the new coronavirus or subsequently transmit it to people.