A big Second War believed bomb was found in Aston and hundreds properties were evacuated

Hundreds of homes were evacuated in Aston to Alexander Stadium after 550Ib explosive found at a construction site in Priory Road, as a Second War unexploded bomb. Itcould cause significant damage to the area exploding. Residents from up to 400 properties were affected.

The Aston Expressway and some other roads were closed. Train services on the Cross City line were also suspended.Confused commuters and pedestrians are trying to get to their destinations and face hours of delays.  “We are currently working closely with our partners to ensure that the situation is managed as effectively as possible and that appropriate support is provided to those impacted. This includes a rest centre set up to accommodate those unable to stay in their homes,” a Birmingham City Council spokesman said in a statement. Birmingham Police Commander Chris Johnson said: “There is the possibility we may have to extend the cordon on advice from experts…we don’t take decisions like this lightly but public safety has to be our number one priority. There is speculation that if one bomb has been found there could be others, German aircraft generally dropped explosives in 'sticks'.