Mass vaccination campaign against Covid-19 began in the EU’s states


The European Union on Sunday officially started rolling out a mass campaign against Covid-19. First Covid-19-vaccines arrived in EU member states on Saturday and in some coutries began. “We have acted in unity throughout this pandemic. Today we begin to turn the page on this chapter, together,” the EU claimed. The #COVID19 vaccine has been delivered to all EU countries. “The #EUvaccinationdays are a touching moment of unity. is the lasting way out of the pandemic,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted on Saturday. Strict lockdown measures apply in many EU states. Deliveries of the vaccine will continue during the following months.


The European Union has secured contracts for over two billion vaccine doses against Covid-19 from a range of drug companies. Contracts have been concluded with AstraZeneca (400 million doses), Sanofi-GSK (300 million doses), Johnson and Johnson (400 million doses ), BioNTech-Pfizer 300 million doses, CureVac (405 million doses) and Moderna (160 million doses). Up to 200 million doses will be also provided by the pharmaceutical company Novavax. The safety and effectiveness of vaccines which have received conditional marketing authorisations are rigorously monitored.