A helicopter crash in France killed five from a rescue team in training


Five members of a mountain rescue team have been killed and a sixth has been seriously injured in a in the French Alps. The helicopter – a Eurocopter EC135 – was carrying the team on a training mission in the Savoie region on Tuesday evening and came down at an altitude of 1,800 meters (5,905 feet). The cause of the crash is unclear, but officials say it could have been caused by poor weather.The crew onboard consisted of two pilots – one in training – along with two winch operators and two mountain rescue workers. Those who died were two first-aid workers from CRS Alpes, including the team leader, as well as three employees of the Service Aérien Francais (SAF), a private company.


The injured pilot was able to give the alert and was recovered by a group of rescuers who approached on foot.. He has been transported to a hospital in the city of Grenoble. Three helicopters have been sent to the site as part of a rescue team of over 40 people. But the aircrafts have been unable to reach the site due to fog. French President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute in a tweet overnight to rescuers who “to save lives, are taking all the risks.”