Beautiful gold and platinum tiara adorned with diamonds was stolen from a museum in Germany


The ornated tiara was stolen from a locked cabinet in the museum’s throne room. The company of Schmidt Staub of Pforzheim designed this tiara in 1906/1907. It was possibly made for the coronation of Grand Duke Friedrich II (1907) as a kokoshnik of garland style. The base is made of three differently designed narrow circlets.Between the straight upper row, which has a rhomboid-shaped diamond at the centre, and the bottom circlets is mounted an undulating band of diamonds which alternates with a band of laurel wreath motifs. In 1973 the tiara was offered for sale when it was estimated at SFr 250.000. The ‘Badisches Landesmuseum’ purchased this tiara in 1984 for an unknown price. Hilda Charlotte Wilhelmine Princess of Nassau married on 20 September 1885, Friedrich II, the Grand Duke of Baden. The tiara was worn by the Grand Duchess at the reception celebrating the 80th Birthday of the King of Sweden.


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