50.000 people evacuated Sunday in Hanover, Germany, due to a scheduled operation to defuse unexploded bombs


A total of 13 unexploded bombs from the 1940s were found at a construction site in the northwestern city. Defusing operations will start in the Sunday morning, but they can last well into the night. Evacuations started on Friday and Saturday. City authorities have announced restrictions on movement for security purposes. Museums, cinemas and swimming pools have drafted special, mostly free, programs for those evacuated. The actual situation is a part of the history. On October 9, 1943, some 261,000 bombs were dropped on the city.

Old bombs are becoming more dangerous as time goes by due to material fatigue. On Christmas Day last year, 54,000 people in the southern German city of Augsburg were similarly evacuated from their homes. Three members of a bomb disposal squad were killed in the north-central German city of Göttingen during an operation to defuse a bomb in 2010.


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