Coronavirus spreading in Europe forces new major restrictions to be imposed


The local coronavirus infection rate in Berchtesgadener Land, part of the state of Bavaria, , has hit 273 per 100,000 over the past week. A fresh lockdown – being called a “circuit breaker” – has been imposed for the next two weeks. This the first part of the country to do lockdown again. Schools, restaurants, bars, theatres, gyms, cinemas and hotels will be closed, but church services will be allowed. The 105,000 people of Berchtesgadener Land, bordering Austria, will only be allowed to leave home for essential reasons. German Chancellor Angela Merkel appealed to Germans to reduce their social contacts to bring down transmission rates. Some restrictive measures are decided now for various parts of Europe. In Spain, the government is considering imposing a night-time curfew and a partial lockdown was announced from Thursday for Navarre.


The Belgian health minister described the situation in the capital Brussels and in the south of the country as “the most dangerous in all of Europe”.In the UK, the Greater Manchester region in northern England will be placed under the highest level of Covid-19 restrictions by the government. In Ireland People are being asked to stay at home and will only be able to exercise within 5km (3 miles) of their home.The Czech Republic continues to have the highest infection rate in Europe.