Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will go in the second round of elections in France


After 40 million votes counted Emmanuel Macron has 23.54% and Marine Le Pen 22.33 % of votes. Most losing candidates back Macron, a pro-business and socially liberal, a former investment banker. Polls suggest Macron will be the favorite in the second round. He is set to be elected president with nearly two thirds of the vote, according to two polls. He is the youngest ever French presidential and has never run for election before. Macron tweeted: “I want to become your president. The president of all the people of France. The president of the patriots face the threat of the nationalists.” Le Pen has as goal to defend France against “rampant globalization”. She promised to give priority to French people over non-nationals in jobs, housing and welfare, and would hold a referendum to cement this policy into the constitution. The final round on 7 May will redraw French politics and could define the future direction of Europe.


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