Russia announced the second coronavirus vaccine, EpiVacCorona


Russian authorities have given regulatory approval to a second coronavirus vaccine, EpiVacCorona, developed by the Vector Institute in Siberia, after early-stage studies . Russian President Vladimir Putin made the announcement on Wednesday. “We now need to increase production of the first vaccine and the second vaccine,” Putin said, adding that the priority was to supply the Russian market with the vaccines. Scientists developing the vaccine said that it produced enough antibodies to protect the person who had it from the virus and that the immunity it creates could last for up to six months. In November or December will start an advanced study involving tens of thousands of volunteers that is necessary to establish safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.


Russian health authorities announced advanced trials of the first vaccine, Sputnik V, among 40,000 volunteers two weeks after it received government approval. Russia has agreements with Mexico, India and Brazil, which ordered a total of 200 million doses, and dozens of other countries are interested in getting the vaccine. Speaking at this year’s UN General Assembly, Putin offered to provide the Sputnik-V vaccine to UN staff for free. Without a mass vaccination campaign yet, over the past 11 days, Russian health officials have been reporting over 10,000 new cases every day.