New restrictions expected to apply next week in the UK because coronavirus infections doubled in one week


Prime Minister Boris Johson is expected to introduce new restrictions on Monday, amid coronavirus, in the UK. A three-tier system will see areas face differing rules based on case severity. Under the new restrictions, pubs and restaurants could be closed in parts of northern England and the Midlands – where some of the highest number of cases are occurring – while a ban on overnight stays is also being considered. Boris Johnson have been warned that the coronavirus crisis is at a “critical” moment, as figures suggested the number of infections had doubled in a week. Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, also predicted further restrictions in the city were inevitable as pubs and restaurants in coronavirus hotspots braced themselves for new restrictions.


The chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled a rescue package for businesses expected to be ordered to shut their doors. Ministers will cover two-thirds of the wages of all staff in workplaces legally required to close, Mr Sunak announced. The latest infection numbers from the Office for National Statistics revealed cases may be doubling with 224,400 people in England thought to have caught coronavirus between 25 September and 1 October, equating to about one in 240 people. Infections are increasing across all age groups and regions in England, with the highest rates seen in young people aged between 18 and 24 years old.