A gold treasure found inside a donated old piano in England


In total, there was equivalent of more than 6kg of gold bullion. Following the legal procedure in the UK, the coins where declared “a treasure” by Shrewsbury coroner. No viable claimants have been found, despite a three-month appeal and even if more than 40 people came forward with information or to make claims which had been rigorously investigated. Piano technician Martin Backhouse, 61, and the college will share any reward – which is usually the value of the find.- after the coins will be placed in a museum. The piano was made in 1906 by Broadwood & Sons of London and first sold to a music shop, Messrs Beaven & Mothersole, in Saffron Walden, Essex. In 1983 it was bought by Graham and Meg Hemmings. Because the couple donated the piano, they don’t have any rights to be rewarded after discovery of gold but declared happy because the found value will serve the education.


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