Chocolate Easter 100-kilogram eggs sell for over $31,000 a collection of three


In fact, it’s £10,000 individually for each piece of a three eggs collection. Choccywoccydoodah, a U.K. chocolaterie, specializes in gigantic, incredibly detailed chocolate Easter eggs. It’s a chocolate shop preferred by the stars. Kylie Minogue celebrated one birthday with a chocolate cake dominated by the Green Fairy she played in Moulin Rouge. Boy George asked for something special for his 50th, and got a pink and yellow multi-tiered creation with a giant chameleon crouched on top, and a portrait of himself , all in chocolate. The boss and chief is chocolatier Christine Taylor. Clients have ranged from prime ministers and members of the Royal Family to Elton John, Zoe Ball and Simon Cowell, including Madonna, as another regular customer. they fill more than 7,500 orders every year. “I eat a piece of chocolate every day and I’ve not got sick of the taste, even after 13 years,” Chief designer Dave Ratcliffe says. Remaining around the Easter theme, we have however a good news for you: the shop also sells smaller options, including egg boxes containing five duck egg-sized chocolate eggs, which run at roughly £30, or about $38.


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