A new £1 coin will launch in the U.K. a day before Brexit begins


The ‘heads’ side of the coin will carry an image of Queen Elizabeth II, as all British currency currently does. The ‘tails’ side will carry a design by teenager David Pearce who won a 2015 competition; the design is featuring the four national plants of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, protruding from a crown. The English are represented by a rose, the Welsh by a leek, Scotland by a thistle, and Northern Ireland by a shamrock. The security includes a hologram which changes from the “£” symbol to a simple “1” when seen from different angles. There is also a “hidden security feature” built into the coin as a protection from counterfeiting. The old coin will remain legal until October 15, 2017.

The Royal Mint (who produce all UK currency), said around 3 percent of the £1 coins currently in circulation (about 45 million coins) are fake. This should motivate the need of change. But we think there is another strong motivation too. Exactly after one day will begin the Brexit and symbolically this must be a new beginning in the UK. A new coin could be like an impulse, this is what every citizen in the U.K. needs right now.


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