Britain Parliament in lockdown after a terrorist attack occurred in the area


He was shot by police as he approached a second officer clutching his knife and after he and the injured officer were transported to a hospital. Armed police cleared the area around the incident and Parliament Square was closed to traffic while Parliament went into lockdown. There was a stampede of people running out. London Ambulance Service “declared a major incident” in a statement, saying: “We were called at 2.40pm to Westminster Bridge to reports of an incident, with the first crew arriving within six minutes.” Four police vans arrived at the scene at 3.40pm. The threat level for international terrorism in the UK was listed at severe. The city was also on alert for the Thursday funeral of Martin McGuinness, former IRA commander. It’s not clear yet if there were other victims in the incident.

Five people, including a police officer, two pedestrians and a knifeman have been killed in what police described as a “terror incident” at Westminster in London. At least 40 people, including three French teenagers on a school visit to London, were injured, police said.


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