Seven killed in an helicopter crash in Turkey, Friday


Turkish media say the helicopter was carrying senior business executives. They were traveling to visit the pharmaceutical and building company’s factory near the town of Bozuyuk  around 120 miles away.  Witnesses say the helicopter struck a television tower in heavy fog in a district on the outskirts of Istanbul before crashing onto the motorway. The tower is no longer used for transmitting television signals but has a restaurant at the top. The helicopter’s rotor blade hit a vehicle in the crash, smashing its windscreen and causing its roof to sink in. Its driver escaped unhurt but in shock.

The mayor of Istanbul, Kadir Topbas, was quoted by local media as saying all five passengers and two crew had died. Investigators are trying to piece together what happened. Authorities did not rule out a technical fault as the cause of the crash. This disaster came as Turkish president Erdogan met Russian premier in Moscow.


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